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Our faculty is recognised internationally for our innovative and exceptional standard of teaching, learning, practice and research in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and fine arts.

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Welcome to Perth

Welcome: International sponsored students

The University of Western Australia welcomes you to our beautiful and prestigious university.

If you need any assistance when you are at UWA, please contact us at the International Sponsored Student Unit (ISSU).

Contact us:
Ms Celia Seah (+61 8 6488 7378) or
Ms Debra Basanovic (+61 8 6488 1785), or
Visit Student Central and ask to see a representative from the ISSU.

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Testimonial: Dina Sartika

"Studying at UWA will add value to your academic and personal life. It is not just the University‚Äôs great international reputation, but also the wonderful quality of life you will experience. As soon as you arrive in Perth, you will know that you made the right decision."

Dina Sartika is a PhD candidate in the UWA Business School

Life at UWA
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  • Orientation Week: 17 - 21 Feb
  • Semester 1 classes begin: 24 Feb
  • Study break: 13 - 17 Apr
  • Semester 1 classes end: 22 May
  • Semester 1 exams: 1 - 14 Jun
  • Semester 2 classes begin: 27 Jul
  • Study break: 28 Sep - 4 Oct
  • Semester 2 classes end: 16 Oct
  • Semester 2 exams: 2 - 15 Nov
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