International Centre



An International Welcome program is held for all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students before the start of each semester. All students are required to attend. The Semester One 2015 Welcome and Orientation program dates will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

Students are expected to arrive in time for the first day of the program.

Australian Award students are required to arrive much earlier to attend an Introductory Academic Program.

Our Welcome Program

  • Ensures the transition to your new life in Perth is smooth and enjoyable
  • Allows you to enrol in your course
  • Makes you aware of different learning styles and study techniques
  • Introduces you to the facilities on campus
  • Confirms the conditions and responsibilities of your student visa
  • Provides information about Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Provides an opportunity to meet other students and staff
  • Introduces you to places of interest in Perth and surrounding areas.

Information about the Welcome and Orientation programs for all students will be available on the Unistart website closer to start of semester. Students will also receive an email close to the start of semester with full details of the program.


Enrolment is one of the most important parts of the Welcome and Orientation Program. It is a good idea to start planning your study program by visiting the UWA Faculty homepages, and reading the relevant parts of the UWA Handbook for course and unit information. We encourage you to browse the study plan examples and explore the possibilities of your course.

Academic staff will be available on enrolment day to provide advice on your choice of units for enrolment.