Cross institutional enrolment


International students enrolled in a degree course at UWA who wish to undertake study at another institution, can do so as a standard Cross-Institutional enrolment.

International students undertaking an award course at another Australian institution who wish to enrol at UWA can do so by following the procedures below.

These procedures do not apply to international students applying to UWA under an exchange agreement (Student Exchange), or those undertaking an award course in another country and applying for not-for-degree status (Study Abroad).

Cross-Institutional enrolment for International students undertaking an award course at another Australian university

International students wishing to undertake a unit or a period of research training towards an award course for which they are registered at another Australian university, may seek admission to UWA through the International Centre.

A cross-institutional enrolment will be processed on a "not-for-degree" basis, provided:

  • The student can produce an original or certified copy of their academic record together with a supporting statement from their university which certifies that permission to undertake study at UWA has been granted and that the work will be counted towards the award for which the student is enrolled;
  • The student can provide evidence that they meet the UWA requirements for competency in English;
  • The appropriate Faculty or School at UWA gives written authority for the student to join the unit or carry out research (taking into account the international standing of the University);
  • The student undertakes to pay all compulsory fees and charges;
  • The student authorises the International Centre to seek verification of any documents provided in support of their application for enrolment.

Students enrolled on a cross-institutional basis for taught programs at either undergraduate or postgraduate level may take the examinations for these programs and receive a mark which can be transmitted back to their university. If they have paid the appropriate fee they are entitled to use all UWA facilities which are available to other students.

The fee for cross institutional enrolment will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, from the annual fee for international students.

Application Process

Applicants must provide an application form from their university, or complete a UWA cross-insitutional form (PDF, from the Student Adminstration site), along with the following:

  • a certified copy of their complete academic record from the university,
  • a current enrolment advice from that university,
  • approval from their university for this enrolment, either as an enrolment form or in a supporting statement.

They must then seek an interview with the appropriate Faculty for UWA approval of their study proposal.

All documents, including the Faculty approval, should then be sent to the Study Abroad and Student Exchange Office within the International Centre for processing.

The documents must include advice of the UWA degree from which the approved units have been chosen, to enable the calculation of fees.

The International Centre will then prepare a Letter of Offer including fee information, enter details on the International Centre database, and generate a student number and Authority to Enrol.  Upon payment of fees, applicants will be provided with an enrolment form which may then be processed at Student Administration.

The International Centre will forward a copy of the Letter of Offer to the Faculty for recording purposes.