External enrolments for PhD students


Students may apply to be enrolled in the PhD externally

External enrolment must be endorsed by the supervisors and school and approved by the Graduate Research School.  Students who are enrolled externally are expected to spend up to three months on campus during their candidature, by negotiation with their supervisors and school.   Students who wish to apply for external enrolment should discuss with their supervisors how the supervision will be managed and submit a Supervision Plan with their application for external enrolment.
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The annual fee will be decided by agreement between the Dean of the Faculty involved and the Director of the International Centre. Factors to be taken into account in setting this fee will include the normal fee for full-fee paying students, the degree of preparation by the student and therefore the likely supervisory load for the School involved, the extent of experimental work to be carried out at UWA, and any special requirements such as equipment or travel.