International Centre

External enrolments for PhD students


Individual students who wish to enrol at UWA for an external PhD may do so given the following guidelines.

The student is obliged to fulfil the residential requirements stipulated in the regulations (ie at least 13 weeks during the total period of enrolment). In addition, suitable internal and external supervision must be arranged and approved by the Postgraduate Board of research Studies prior to the commencement of study. Otherwise, normal enrolment procedures will apply.

The annual fee will be decided by agreement between the Dean of the Faculty involved and the Director of the International Centre. Factors to be taken into account in setting this fee will include the normal fee for full-fee paying students, the degree of preparation by the student and therefore the likely supervisory load for the School involved, the extent of experimental work to be carried out at UWA, and any special requirements such as equipment or travel.

Fees will be distributed according to the current procedure for full fees, but with each component (including the “fixed costs” such as capital) treated as a pro-rata cost. In this way the Faculty or School will receive the same proportion of the fee as they would for a full-fee paying student, and the annual fee can be set accordingly.