Role and mission



  • enhance the University's standing through international exchange and collaboration
  • facilitate the development of an international outlook and practice in the University's student body
  • facilitate the recruitment of international full fee-paying students

The International Centre embodies the important elements of the University's mission by maintaining and strengthening the University's international focus.


  • Enhance the international standing of the University as a research institution through the development of institutional agreements for staff exchange and collaborative research.
  • Further enhance the international standing of the University as a research institution by facilitating the involvement of UWA staff in international research projects.
  • Facilitate visits by distinguished researchers to the University so as to promote cross-fertilisation of ideas and international awareness of the University's teaching and research programmes.
  • Develop a network of student exchange agreements with overseas universities so as to enrich the educational experience of undergraduate and postgraduate students and to promote inter-cultural understanding and acceptance.
  • Recruit international students to study at UWA and to provide an appropriate level of support services to those students.
  • Provide advice and information to the Vice-Chancellor, the faculties and wider campus, on aspects of international education.
  • Facilitate the development of branches of the UWA Graduates Association overseas and recognition of prominent international alumni.