Coming to Perth


Further information

Information for new students

The process for travel is the same for all Australia Awards / ACIAR students. However, your travel conditions may vary.

Contact the International Sponsored Students Office for clarification of your entitlements.

Bringing your family

Ensure you bring with you:

  • Family members' Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Children's immunisation records
  • Academic transcripts for children over 11 years
  • Spouse qualifications and work references


The International Sponsored Student Unit (ISSU) will assist your arrival in Australia and can help enrol your children in local schools.

Before leaving for Perth

It is important to be well prepared before arriving in Australia.

Our Pre-departure information for international students will help you with organising your departure, arriving in Perth and settling into the University.

Australia Awards Scholarship students arriving in Australia

The ISSU will organise your airport reception and temporary accommodation on your arrival in Perth.

If you arrive at the airport and you are not met by a representative from the University, please telephone 0429 902 455 to arrange transport to your accommodation.

An arrival pack will be provided to you either at your temporary accommodation or when you arrive at our office. It will provide a lot of reading material for you, maps and important information on what to do next.

We recommend you bring at least AUD$500 - $600 on arrival to cover immediate expenses until you receive your establishment allowance.

On the next working day (Monday to Friday) after your arrival, please come to the International Sponsored Students Office at Student Central by 9am to meet the Student Contact Officer. Please bring with you your:

  • passport and e-visa
  • arrival pack
  • academic transcripts.

At this meeting you will be assisted with banking arrangements, Overseas Student Health Cover and scholarship stipend information. You will also be introduced to the Housing Office at the University to assist with finding permanent accommodation.

The right permanent accommodation in Perth can take some time to find, so please be aware that your first few days should be focused on securing stable accommodation.  If you wish to stay on campus, the University recommends you make enquiries as soon as possible as on campus accommodation is in high demand.  Enquiries should also be made with Crawley Village to establish if postgraduate accommodation near the campus is available.

Introductory Academic Program (IAP)

Australia Awards Scholarship students commence their Introductory Academic Program around five days after their arrival. The IAP has been designed to provide you with the best possible start to your studies at UWA. 

The IAP is compulsory and UWA is required to report to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on student attendance.

You can find further information about the IAP in your arrival pack.

Australia Award students bringing family

DFAT does not provide any financial support for family. If you wish to bring your family members to Australia, you must assess whether you have the financial capability to support your family while in Perth before bringing them out.

If you decide to bring your family to Perth, please complete the family list form so we can assist you in organising childcare and schooling and provide the relevant documentation for your family's visa application. For more information see Australia Awards students' school aged dependants.

You are responsible for coordinating your family's arrival in Perth. It is recommended that families not arrive with students but rather arrive three to six months later. This gives you time to adjust to your new environment, including returning to study after being in the workforce. The first six months as a student is the most difficult.

If you decide not to bring your family with you while you study in Australia, you may be eligible for a reunion airfare.  To apply for a reunion airfare, you should contact the International Sponsored Students Unit for approval and a letter for payment of the flight.