Departing from Perth


Further information

The process for travel is the same for all Australia Awards / ACIAR students. However, your travel conditions may vary.

Any conditions here apply only to Australia Awards Scholarship students.

If you are an Leadership Program or ACIAR student, you should contact the Student Contact Officer for clarification of your entitlements.

Before you depart Perth and return to your home country you need to attend to a number of matters. 

Take a look at the Current Students Returning Home page to ensure you have prepared adequately for your return.


Australia Awards Scholarship students

AAS students will be required to attend a "Going Home" program to ensure you are fully prepared for return to your home country.

The International Sponsored Student Unit organises a formal farewell ceremony at the completion of your scholarship.

Your stipend will cease five days after your examination results are published or your thesis is submitted.

You can stay on in Perth up to one month after receiving your final exam results or submitting your thesis, unless your visa expires before the one month period is up.

  1. Leaving your accommodation
  2. Updating your contact details
  3. Closing accounts
  4. Travel arrangements

Leaving your accommodation

  • Contact your landlord / agent and advise them (in writing) of the date you will be leaving.
    • Discuss finalising your gas, electricity, water and telephone accounts and disconnecting them if appropriate.
    • Leave your forwarding address with the landlord.
  • Check the details with your agent how to get your bond back. You should also contact the Bond Administrator (you should have these details from your initial signing up of your lease) and check this process with them as well. If you are unable to collect it before you go, leave your address and bank account details with them, including all necessary international banking details (check with your bank at home if you can) so they forward it on to you. Do this as soon as possible to give them time to return your money, hopefully before you leave.
  • Organise an inspection date with your agent and arrange a date to return the keys. Make sure this date is just after you have cleaned your unit.
  • Thoroughly clean your unit, remove any mould, have your carpets cleaned and make sure the stove and oven are cleaned properly. Remove marks from the walls etc and tidy the garden if you have one. The agent will use your bond money if they need to clean your unit or have repairs done, so it is best to give your unit a thorough clean to save as much bond money as possible.
  • If you are handing your unit over to someone else, make sure you have arranged this with the agent as you will need to finalise your lease and have your bond returned before the new tenant moves in.

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Updating your contact details

  • Complete the  "AAS Alumni contact details in home country" form and return it to the ISSU.
    • If you agree to the University releasing your personal information for alumni purposes, please complete the "Authority to release personal information for alumni purposes form" as well.
  • Enter your forwarding address details into StudentConnect.
  • Update the UWA Graduate database with your home address and contact details so the UWA Office of Development can keep in touch with you.
  • Lodge a mail redirection form at the Post Office, so your mail can be redirected to your home address for a certain period of time, or to a friend you can forward it on.
  • Make arrangements for conferral of your Award:
    • Pay your fee and complete your form to have your degree certificate sent to your home address.
    • Get a copy of your academic transcript from Student Administration.

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Closing accounts

  • Finalise all medical bills/claims and get a copy of your medical records to take home with you.
  • Pay any outstanding amounts on your credit card.
  • Return all library books and borrowed items and pay any outstanding debts with the University.
  • Draw your money out and close your bank account.
    • Check that your final stipend payment has gone into your bank account. Contact the International Sponsored Student Unit if your stipend has not been deposited into your account.

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Travel arrangements

Your scholarship includes finances for your airfare home on completion of your studies.

Book your flight at least three months before you depart. You must return on the most direct and economical route, arriving at the nearest airport to your home. You will need a Travel Authority letter from the ISSU before you book the flight home.

  • If you have excess baggage, make sure you ask around and compare prices of shipping companies, air and sea mail and airfreight, for the cheapest way to send your goods home. Check with airlines for allowable amount of luggage (usually 20kg) and cost for excess.
    • For Indonesian students, ISSU can provide you with a letter of support to take into the Indonesian Consulate to assist with your excess luggage.
  • Make arrangements for transportation to the airport early, particularly if you have a lot of luggage. Plan to arrive at least 2 hours early as the airport can be extremely busy.

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