Fieldwork travel


Further information

The process for travel is the same for all Australia Awards / ACIAR students. However, your travel conditions may vary.

Any conditions here apply only to Australia Awards Scholarship students.

If you are a Leadership Program or ACIAR student, you should contact the Student Contact Officer for clarification of your entitlements.

When you were offered your Australia Award scholarship, the offer summary would have stated if you have access to fieldwork travel.

Applying for fieldwork travel

To apply for fieldwork travel, your supervisor should provide the following information in writing to the Student Contact Officer so that a formal letter of travel can be organised:

  1. An outline of the proposed field trip research programme including a timeline, showing its essential relationship to the awardee’s course of study;
  2. A statement from the supervisor that the field work is essential for the successful completion of the awardee’s research;
  3. A proposed itinerary, including dates in various areas to be visited within the home country;
  4. Details of supervision arrangements (must be able to advise DFAT within two weeks if the awardee is progressing well);
  5. An assessment of any likely effect on award duration (all field work is expected to be completed within the normal length of the award).


The maximum period of approved overseas field work is 12 months.
Fieldwork must be undertaken in Australia or field work outside of Australia would normally be carried out in your home country .
To participate in and be funded for field work, you must be enrolled in a Masters by research, a PhD or Masters by coursework which has a research component, where fieldwork is a compulsory component.  
If you have dependants with you in Australia, and you wish to undertake field work outside of Australia, you must consult the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on the policy relating to your dependants staying in Australia or travelling with you.