Tutorial support

David Aba Ali
David Aba Ali
Master of Regional Development

Although doing a research program at UWA is by no means a “walk in the park”, the support system is excellent. The academic environment within UWA allowed me to go beyond the traditional concept of “in the box” learning process. I was allowed to jump out of the box and became more analytical, investigative, pro-active, resourceful and independent. Now, I feel more confident both as an individual and professional.

If you are an Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) student, you have access to tutorial support funding.

ACIAR scholarships have similar tutorial support conditions. You should contact the Student Contact Officer for clarification.

Tutorial support for AAS students is $500 each semester and accumulates over the duration of your scholarship.

The purpose of the funding is to assist students who require additional assistance to pass their units of study, not for students wishing to achieve higher grades. It is also available to support additional courses and training necessary to ensure study success.

All tutorial support must be approved by your supervisor or course coordinator.

There are other sources of academic support on campus and you are encouraged to utilise these resources.

Support documentation

To apply for tutorial support, complete the AAS Academic Support Application (in link below) detailing the support you require.  Have your Unit Co-ordinator, Course Co-ordinator or Academic Student Adviser sign the form in support of your application.  You may be able to identify a tutor with the assistance of these people.

Bring the completed Application to the ISSU office to seek approval for funding.  Once a suitable tutor is found, a contract and claim form can be completed by them.