Requesting a change to your scholarship


Requests to vary your Australia Awards scholarship may take up to six weeks to approve.

It is a long process and requires a number of consultations with your home country, employers and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before approval is made.

Extending your scholarship

Under exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to obtain one extension to a scholarship, for up to six months. For details please refer to the Australia Awards Scholarships Handbook  [PDF on external site].

Research students who require an extension to their scholarship will need to have approval from the Graduate Research School (GRS). Once you have received the approval of extension to your research from the GRS, the Student Contact Officer will submit an award extension request to DFAT for funding approval and visa extension.

Suspending your scholarship

Australia Awards Scholarship students can apply for a suspension for up to 12 months, for health or family reasons. If approved, it may be possible for your return airfare to be covered by the scholarship funding .

Transfering your scholarship to another course or Institution

Any transfers need to have approval from the Post and may also require partner government approval, where relevant. 

Course transfers within UWA (at the same or lower level) must not result in an extension of time to the scholarship.  A change to the field of study will not be permitted.

Transfers to a different institution (at the same or lower level) may be approved if:

  • your academic supervisor moves to a different institution
  • your course ceases to be offered at UWA
  • the course is downgraded
  • you fail to meet entry conditions for the course after you have completed either a pre-course English or a preliminary program.

Awardees would need to meet any costs associated with the transfer (e.g. cost of relocating).