International Centre

Staff profiles

Ingate, Ms Milly Associate Director/Manager 6488 3537 M352
Andrews, Ms Samantha Study Abroad Adviser (Outgoing - Europe) (appointments Wed, Thurs) 6488 3536 M352
Baylis, Ms Hope Administrative Assistant (Outgoing) 6488 8022 M352
Cole, Ms Caroline Study Abroad and Student Exchange (Incoming) (on maternity leave) 6488 8022 M352
Collins, Ms Kaitlyn Administrative Assistant (Incoming) 6488 7398 M352
Curry, Mrs Stephanie Administrative Assistant (Reception) 6488 8199 M352
Gordon, Ms Jessica Study Abroad Adviser (Outgoing - Rest of the World) (appointments Mon, Tues) 6488 3536 M355
Haloun, Ms Carrie Study Abroad Adviser (Incoming - Rest of the World) 6488 8021 M352
Kahle, Mrs Sarah Communications and Student Liaison Officer - Student Exchange (on maternity leave) 6488 4612 M352
Teasdale, Mrs Michelle Study Abroad Adviser (Incoming - USA and Europe) 6488 8021 M352
Wittwer, Mr Joel Study Abroad Adviser (Latin America and Sponsored Students) 6488 2298 M352